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For an illustration to assist you with the measurements, please follow the link:
Hips (inches)

Ensure tape is snug around the widest part of your hips
Waist (inches)

Ensure tape is around your natural waistline, which is located above your belly button and below your rib cage. (If you bend to the side, the crease that forms is your natural waistline.)
Bust (inches)

Measure at the fullest part of your bust
Neck (inches)

Measure around your neck. This measurement is only applicable for items requiring a halter neck or a neck style requiring fastening.
Shoulder to waist (inches)

Measure from the seam on your shoulder down to your natural waistline. Applicable for dresses only.
Shoulder to bust (inches)

Measure from the seam on your shoulder to the fullest part of your bust. Applicable for dresses, tops and items with a top section.
Length of outfit (inches)

If you have an existing outfit that is the length you require, lay it flat on a table and measure in a straight line from the shoulder seam to the bottom of the outfit.
Else, measure from the seam on your shoulder down to your desired length.
Shoulder to shoulder (inches)

Measure from the outside edge of one shoulder to the outside edge of the other. If you wear a t shirt, this is where the seams usually attach your sleeves. Applicable for tops and dresses.
Arm hole (inches)

Raise your arm, wrap the tape under your arm and over the top of your shoulder, where the armhole of your jacket or blouse usually sits. Not applicable for strapless items.
Bicep (inches)

Raise your arm to the side, and wrap the tape around your upper arm where it seems to be largest. Lower your arm to a relaxed position at your side. No flexing! Applicable for items that require sleeves.
Neck (inches)

Sleeve length (inches)

Measure from shoulder seam down to where you would like the sleeves to end.
Cuff (inches)

Measure the circumference of your wrist by fitting it right above the wrist bone.  Applicable for garments with sleeves only.
What is your standard dress size when shopping?

What store does this dress size relate to?

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